Turbo Boost Ability

Abilities are special things that you can make your bike do.


Abilities are unlocked either by winning games or purchased with real money. When you win games, you often get more than one of the same ability, especially the Turbo Boost and Rocket Jump abilities. If you win perfectly, and get perfect winner bonus, you get 2 abilities, but there is no guarantee that they won't be the same ability.


One ability can only be used once per 1 player game, but you can use all copies of abilities in Internet matches.

List of AbilitiesEdit

  • Turbo Boost-Gives you a fast boost
  • Rocket Jump-Makes you jump really far
  • Protector-Temporarily allows you to go through walls
  • Slow Down-Causes you to slow down
  • Stealth-Get invisible
  • Fast Charge-Don't have to wait for jump and boost
  • Air Turn-Allows you to turn in the air
  • Double Jump-Allows you to jump while in the air
  • All Boost-Causes all players to boost
  • All Jump-Causes all players to jump